About Us

At Videokam we are all about personalized customer service.  Videokam Video Productions was founded in February of 1994 located at Strangline Business Park in Olathe, Kansas. We have been producing variety of video projects, from event videos to promo videos to construction documentary videos and also TV commercials. In March of 2000 the company expanded to do computer services and sales for the existing clients only.  And on 9/11/ 2001 our business and our lives were changed, just like everyone else in USA.  We started looking into other services that we could expand upon.  Slowly we started providing security alarms and camera systems to some of our existing clients.  In 2007 our security services were partnered up with Gargoyle Security of Kansas City.  Today, our Videokam Security offers the best service and best pricing, 24/7 monitoring and professional equipment.  And our video productions are still growing strong and our computer services has expanded, we repair your computer’s software and hardware and sell new or used desktops & laptops.

For your personalized sevice please call 913-438-1100